campervan hire in Italy: Frequently asked questions

How much is it to rent a campervan in Italy?

Prices of campervans in Italy vary depending on a number of factors, including


availability, the time of year, the type of campervan and any additional items you


choose to add.



Some cheaper campers may cost you around  88 Euros a day in low season, 


while more expensive vehicles can get up to 500+ Euros a day in high season.



Our campervan start from 88 Euros to max 148 Euros per night in August.




Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Italy?

Wild camping is generally prohibited in Italy.


However, the implementation of this regulation in detail is the responsibility of the councils, which does not make it any easier.

As a general rule, however, you should remember that in areas with good tourist connections and on beaches, great attention is paid to this.


Fines in the amount of several hundred euros are due immediately.

Officially, the fine varies between one hundred and five hundred euros. These are not only imposed by the state police, which is responsible for public order. Even the Italian police and members of the state forestry authorities and the local police are entitled to do this.


Wild camping has several advantages: You save expenses and you can choose the place where you will spend the night. Maybe you will stay longer than one night. You are independent and can really enjoy nature. Often you will be rewarded with close contact with animals. There are no snoring noises or loud clattering of dishes from neighbours. You don’t have to follow any social rules in nature.

can you travel italy in a campervan?

Campervanning on a trip to Italy is a fun and practical way to travel that you might


not have considered, but hiring a campervan, or traveling in your own, is really


popular with Europeans vacationing in Italy.


Taking to the open road and exploring is a great way to see Italy’s epic sights and


hidden gems, engage with local life, as well as to cover a lot of ground in a short


space of time.


You can save a lot of time and money and enjoy the best of Italy!

are there free campsites in italy?

There are lots of free camping sites in Italy. However, in recent years the authorities have prohibited free camping in certain areas (mainly important tourist areas), and there are signposts to indicate this. Often signs will indicate where the next available official rest area is, called a Aree di Sosta.


Aree di Sosta are official Italian motorhome and camper van rest areas. They vary in the facilities provided, but most have an area to park, fresh water supply and a waster water drain. Some prohibit overnight parking, this is clearly signposted. Otherwise they are a great place to stop for the night. You are not allowed to stay for more than 24 hours.


There are also some larger dedicated motorhome rest areas. These do allow stays of longer than 24 hours, unless signposts indicate differently. Most dedicated motorhome areas are free of charge. There are some private areas with extended facilities that do charge.